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This is a documentation of the work done by me during my residency at Brahman.ai which happened at Bombay Beach, CA, at the coast of Salton Sea.

Art has been helping humans grasp the vastness of known knowledge to mankind. Sometimes through fictionalizing facts in stories to make it relatable, or expressing sounds in nature in the form of music, or being able to visualize the fabric of space-time and other scientific phenomenons. Brahman is a self-organized university with community coordination and support. It stands for Bombay Radical Artificial Humanist Media Arts Nexus. The word Brahman comes from ancient Hindu scriptures which states that 'it is the ultimate reality of being and the eternal cosmic principle of the universal self.' Aptly named, this university intends to integrate human philosophy with machine learning to strive towards a utopian world.

Following is the our live coding set performed in the first week of my stay. CaiDer is a collaboration between Cai a generative visualist and Derek Kwan an Algorithmic Electronic Musician. Combining Derek’s pseudo-poppy glitchy live coded music and Cai’s hypnotic, abstract and reactive visuals. This is Caider's debut performance.

Over the last few years, moving out of my traditional methods I have started exploring the possibilities offered by technology. I have been creating generative installations using the algorithms in nature to drive my artwork. Brahman, gave me an opportunity to collaborate with other artists and provide me with a platform to share my visual experiments. I got a chance to explore a robotic arm.

Find more detailed documentation here.

It was an experiment in low-cost, high-tech living & learning in the California desert. The residency was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several artists from different fields ranging from Programers, performers, engineers, interaction designers, art historians, software developers, teachers, creative technologists, and musicians will be collaborating to create different projects. The goal was to make an interesting environment for living and learning, to smoothly integrate technology in lifestyle and familiarize artists with the possibilities offered by the ever-growing technology. Detailed information about them can be found here .

This is the closing performance of the my residency at Brahman.ai

During this residency, I was able to learn and explore Computer Art, Philosophy of Mind, Cryptoeconomics, and Artificial Intelligence. Here we will be exploring artistic and creative uses of Machine learning using crowdsourced data.For a more informal account of my residency, check out this highlight..