Nepal is a

Recently I learned about Transformers. Basically, it is a text generator based on a neural network that is trained with all the text on the internet. So if you give it a few words it will generate coherent paragraphs out of it.
I used a text generated by the Transformer to make a cutout animation.

This is some of the text generated by the Transformer.
"Nepal royaume de Himalaya This time, the search for Santa Claus is coming from outside of the Catholic Church's boundaries. Offers of cash and spiritual help for the sick and starving have long been offered in remote villages on the slopes of Mount Everest, but in 2017 that's about to change. Santa Claus was last seen soaring"

The following text made it as the final script of the animation
"Nepal is good for humans made with clear milk powder which promotes smooth skin. It is ideal for all skin types. It's also great for travel and for bringing along."
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