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Cyberia was a festival organised by TIFA, inviting the audience to play with alternate realities. I was given the a platform to share my work.
They gave me an opportunity to put up some generative work on 2-floor wall during the festival.

Rishiraj played music for the closing ceremony and I put up some audio-reactive visuals

On the second day the audience were offered to sketch directly on the wall

And on day one I map a particle system, to the architecture of the building
that would change its velocity with increasing sine values

Monsoon is a generative installation expressing the homely nature of Rains. A scattered mind is unified by the showers of Monsoon Though there is a meloncholy in the greys and blues in the weather, there is a strong unifying warmth to it. This installation is an abstract experience of sitting by the window and watching the rain.

"The lake never had depth,it was always shallow. Reflecting your blue and the sky's hollow. It kept changing its shape shape to be one with you The more it changes the rigid it grows Dust settles on its thoughts and memories, it doesn't dream anymore. You knew it all along, It was many pieces with a single flow."

Cyberia Tifa