Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

Spilt Milk

‘You thought you would have learned something by now,

with closed eyes, seeing, looking, gazing at black.

You think you would have thought about it enough,

staring at mirrors, windows, and moving lights.

Glitter, glass and blurred pieces of imagination

collected to define this crystal.

Still flowing under the currents of simple mistakes. ‘


Spilt Milk

on Anatomy of making mistakes.


I collected my notes from the time I started conceptualizing the project and put them together in the form of the poem above.

After reflecting over the lives of people around me and my own life, I came together with this extremely creative and talented team – Roisin, Dan, and Mark on piano, drums, and saxophone respectively, Sublune to wire an Arduino with an audio-reactive circuit and Q to assemble all of it to reflect the nature of making mistakes. As cliche as it sounds in most of the cases on the other side of the pit, you see a Phoenix emerge. Being amongst this creative and progressive group of people I noticed that everyone has their own way of dealing with their mistakes or mistakes that affect them and this team has tried to express it the best they can.

a short video at the bottom and check out behind the scenes HERE