Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis


‘Day by day I’m approaching a goal which I apprehend but cannot describe.’

“No writer can stand alone he continues to create or perishes. Each task completed carries its own obligation to go on to something new.” Rachel Carlson.  Obviously I’m unable to document parts of me that perish, but these are some of my attempts of create.

In Illustrations – computer generated monsters , Junk , Becoming Insane , you are gonna learn some Jazz tonight, Creative juices , 10 print, Curtains and Songs I wrote.

THE KINECT has kept me occupied most of the month . These are links to crude experiments with the kinect –  Chieh dancing , Hand dance (this is inspired form the work of Norman Mclaren) and some more rough tests

 Now I know what a subroutine is and I like the fact that I discovered it myself. I guess i finally started Chapter 1 of understanding computers.‘Subroutine – A chunk of code for a specific task that can  be pulled later.’  It has become a part of my toolkit.

Some code examples –  like sea weed  and If you allow me a pollock

Recently I also got a taste of my favourite candy  Light animation, nothing much but some sketches we did one evening.

From my lens –   Pride, Block of light , looking for ghost cars , looking for Vancouver.

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