Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis


“Poetic Scientist – Creators who can flourish where art intersects technology with a rebellious sense of wonder. That opens them to the wonders of Both.” – Ida Lovelace

“My computer likes me when I speak BASIC.” This statement is going to stay with me for a while. Because over the last year I have been surprised myself with what I’m able to do with the help of coding. It is so basic !! Speaking in code,  my sine value has reached 1 , a place where I can draw better than my vision. Soon the drop for -1 will begin on the learning curve. These are my recent experiments in code.  Particle systems , Simple Visualizer , DreamCatcher, Circular Paths , Pendulums and  Waves . Hopefully my github will be organized  soon .

Butter paper book is a combination of  Marble prints and some traced out faces of my friends.  

Cai’nyde is something that Ricky Chen and I have been signing these photo collages with – Doorway , Birdy , Plane , Shrooms  and the Sun . 

I have been trying to wrap up a project and then shelf it for good . But recently I made some illustrations that happened to be an extension of a project that i did  almost five years ago. Since I have started using the internet to archive my stuff , it is easy to navigate across time see the work as one long story. This is the original post – Reminiscence  . And these are some of the moments from it – Waiting for the sun to RiseMatching pieces  , Lover Boy  , By the River  and day one .

And there is inktober  .

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