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Abstract – If you know what it is , you know what it is. If you don’t know what it is , you don’t know what it is.

For a while I have been hiding under the blanket of abstraction. But it is interesting to get such wide feedback on abstract stuff I have made.

Sonic Psych  is a part of Trading Places: Un Échange d’Improvisateurs, a vibrant residency program in two of  Canada’s foremost centers of improvised music, Montréal and Vancouver.  I installed Audio generative Visuals created in processing for the show. It was perfect for improv music. The visuals were generated by the musicians themselves.I tremendously added to the experience.

Obsidian Tapes Vol. 2 and Tixer  were 2 other events where my visuals was used.

Some more pieces of code –  terrariums, These Ghosts have no names , geometric flowers, paper rolls , spring rolls ,

Recent illustration  Vancouver, Squatum City , Kinstukorai , Preacher

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