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Mugen 無限 ( infinite ) – Is a space odyssey based in a time where the earth has drifted out of its orbit around the sun.

A compilation of different scenarios/stories in the post apocalyptic world. It is based on a graphic novel written by Cai.   Its explores ideas of mankind, our place in the universe and purpose of existence.

The close knit nature of music and visual performances has be used for entertainment from the begin of mankind. Today using computers it has been very easy to explore the minute patterns in sounds and observe them real time.




Cai has been experimenting with audio-reactive and motion-reactive visuals . Recently he has been exploring the patterns in nature using code and music. Coming from a film making background he intends to push the film making experiences to real time live audio reactive performances. The visuals inherently following the story structure of films will be audio-reactive.





Music for this project will be composed by  Kai Basanta is a drummer and producer based in Vancouver. Branching out into composition, he integrates elements of acoustic performance within a production-based approach to sound design.







Cai’s recent projects would include

Spilt milk – on anatomy of making mistakes.

Sonic Psych – Ear/eye blending psychedelic Improvisations


Four Hands , Six Eyes – piano works inspired by minimalist/feminist composer Ann Southam




Kai’s recent work include

latest Ep EARTH

Live set at the Vancouver JazzFestival