Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

18′ March

There is always a  suspicion of being an inventor , that would imply that some rule may be needed to be broken

Though all inventions are failures, failure has a feeling of incompleteness. Failure in this context also implies mistakes. It is not an disaster. (disaster* ~ origins from ‘dead star ‘in greek)

This documentation is done later hence it could be a little inaccurate in terms of chronology. March seemed to  be loaded with new learning in programming.

Typographic explorations with the help of libraries from CAN like

Nature and stuff , Let me shape me , Jumbled thoughts andbro my personal favourites.

Illustrations of tree a cross-section of tree-trunks – trunk (which is later used in ‘Four Hands Six Eyes’)

Sneaky lil bitch  and Dream were some self reflective illustrations I made .Both of them seem a little depressing , but they are made with a positive attitude.

Some play with the kinect , it never gets old ~ ‘broken head’ and junk‘ .