Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

Work is like gas , it can take any volume any given volume – Erik Spiekermann

We try to move towards things that fascinate us. On surface level for inspiration, but on a whole they define our character. As an instrument we add colours to canvases around us. We re-fill the these colours with the things that fascinate us. In June I made few illustrations on love  and  self image.

Looking for a shape I started with aimlessly copying drawings I like. I don’t think i ever claimed them to be original, but over time it has become a natural habit.  Here are some sketches while procrastinating, some portraits and and some of friends.

Inspire of recently travelling around Europe, I spent good about of the month arranging the inspiration. The problem is not just finding a good piece of art, its more of understanding it and maybe connecting to it.

The artist Chieh dug out my old sketches from my sketches from 2012 . There more than 2 sketchbooks with similar ideas. She volunteered to help me bring those sketches to life. View complete project- Shadow oneself.