Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis


Art is a real dream

How ever frequently you sketch , it takes a while to get used to your hand to warm up. This is something I have observed very few notice.
Some sketches from this month.
Recently I learned to replicate some flow fields in nature through code using the Nature of Code book by Daniel Shiffman.
Here are some examples of the sketches – Black as a rock
DreamMachine, BrainWaves and  Code Tripping
With the camera on my shoulder I have been cycling looking up and off the road frequently framing corners and moments . Again I have stated thinking in frames and shapes. Tesselate is an example of an attempt to use body shapes as strokes.

Recently I came across a documentary of Jim Carrey , where he mentions that “……the painting was telling me what I wanted a year before I knew it.” I agree with him that we project through our work hence it is very difficult to explain a lot of my illustrations. This month there aren’t many cryptic ones .Let me through  Morning Haze and Entrance to titmouse .

The relation we have with things we create has a quality of reflecting and projecting at the same time. Similar to those of a dream.