Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis


“it is the barren tree that lifts its head high in an empty boast. “- Luther Burbank

Loaded with fruit the tree bends towards the ground, but a barren tree shoots towards the sky with pride.  (interpretation from Luther Burbank’s book, the training of a human plant ). Adding more stories to the collection of lost and found.

Art bridges is the high Light for February. In collaboration with ninth Node I put up an audio-kinectic installation I put up at the Imperium theatre.

Movie instead ‘ is procrastination put to a good use. A minute long animation I made with a few co-workers for 5 second day at Titmouse studios.

A few other sketches,

Seeker (seeking stories) , Hani (green flames) , Bloom , Artclass , Prisms in the Wood , Garba ,