Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

December – January

Over a period of time we start creating our own language with the people we know and the things we interact with.

Holiday and travel season. This is period of time has been both recreational and inspiring. Though nothing much substantial was made. Finally I feel confident to introduce myself as a Creative Coder .  A compilation of all the Coding Work.

Managed to conjure illustrations like whats going on (a reaction to the overwhelming events happening around), airport doodles (digital doodles during my travels) , crow (a character form a fictional Vancouver) , Float (the only consolation in the craziness of the this world)  and the metropolis (the solitude does turn on you sometime).

Some pictures form my diary  – these days in Vancouver , light street , Pune mornings

And some codes to keep my mind jogging , like  Sns (audio-reactive lips), fucking artist (reflects the state of mind while putting up a show), eyeCandy , cycle of life , dither (image filter), Hi-lo (a little bit of UI never killed anyone)