Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis


Over time we learn our own ‘process of creating’
like deriving a formula.

It is well established that internet is better at organizing things than most of us. So much data is accessible  , in indefinite number of ways.

Also putting the final product is self is not sufficient , for sometimes the process is like a performance itself. It is very common in the work I do that I get carried away in the process of making and see the final product as a reflection of the process. But only those who experienced the process with me or aware of the process are able to grasp the image entirely . Most of the recent work done in processing will reflect as an example . Pasted , Coded Textures , Body Maps , Waves and Black like a rock

It is common among artist to create and understand what they are creating simultaneously. Hence we will seldom see artists begin work without planning. But interestingly ‘creating an image’ is just a beginning for the artist to understand himself. It can take unto indefinite time for the artist to completely grasp it. Here are some illustration bordering abstract and reality.  320 AM , front of you , checklist 4 , self portrait , Hair , My baby won’t let me cry , Cover sphere and GOT

Repetition is multiplication. As obvious it may sound it is some thing taken for granted. Routine creates a relationship with people and hence with the surrounding.The one thing that has been common for me across all seasons, that is my  sketchbook, livedrawing.

Overall there is a constant issue that I’m looking for something and end up finding something else . Or in some unfortunate cases I’m merely at the beginning of a much detailed chapter. But as a whole in any direction I’m still chasing the horizon.

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